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Depression, Addictions, Anxiety, Eating disorders, Teen Issues, PTSD, ADHD, and Family conflict

Our website is featured on and Health On The Net Foundation as a top Depression Website

Visitor Statistics for 2016

Number of total impressions 60,000 to 80,000 / month
Number of mobile visits 20,000 to 40,000 / month
Average time spent on site 106 seconds
Advertising placements, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+

Benefits of Joining Our Large Network

More Customers!

Being seen on The Depression Health Network, on Pinterest, and Google+ brings more customers. We feature you on all three websites using features and discussions. Our award-winning Rehab Map and Directory is linked by other sites and receives tremendous traffic. More exposure bring more people. It’s really that simple.

Better SEO and Google rankings

We use the best SEO practices to enhance your Google search rankings, including back-end keyword placement, timely submissions to search engines, image tagging, discussions, and trail creation. Some customers report a jump in Google search results by 15 to 20 spots! If your website is not featured on our network, then you are missing out on a large portion of the mental health and addictions Internet space.

Brand Identity

The Depression Health Network is the #1 trusted and fastest growing community for depression support. Our red heart is the unmistakable symbol of depression support used across all social media platforms. By appearing on our site, you gain that name recognition that says you care about the depression community.


We are like a Public Relations Firm at a small fraction of the cost to hire an actual PR Firm. Our advantage is that we have direct access to the difficult-to-reach mental health community while running a small yet efficient company, allowing us to charge very little. We do not charge hourly rates or retainer fees. We simply charge per service. We do offer discounts from time to time as well.

What We Advertise

Book & Author Features

We feature authors and books on our front page, and on our popular Pinterest and Facebook sites. Our featured authors enjoy a lengthy description, author photo, and book cover on our front page. This service brings thousands of new viewers on a monthly basis.

Treatment Centers

We offer a map of the United States showing the location of the best treatment centers and rehab centers covering all mental health issues. We also feature a full-sized profile of each center with a slide-show of images. This service brings thousands of new viewers on a monthly basis.

Product Features

We feature products related to overcoming anxiety and depression, as well as products that enhance healthy living and positive lifestyle on our front page, our Marketplace, Pinterest, and Facebook pages. This service brings thousands of new viewers on a monthly basis.

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