Being Creative Improves Mood and Esteem

Try Drawing, Painting, Photography, Gardening, making Trinkets, Playing Music
Being Creative Decreases Depression and Boosts Mood
Creativity Basics

Creativity Can Stimulate Our Self-Esteem and Mood

Try Taking One Simple Step Towards Creativity Today

Doing something creative is difficult to think about when we are depressed. But if you force yourself to do one simple creative thing today you will notice an improvement in your esteem and mood. Dare yourself to change, to take one simple step. The step can be small and easy for now. Go outside to a garden and get your hands dirty in fresh soil, or sit at a piano and play a simple tune, or pull out a pencil and draw a few pictures, or find some string and beads and make a small necklace. Anything you find is better than nothing. Start today. Be bold. Step out of your habit of feeling sad.

Relieve Depression through Gardening
Gardening is Good for the Soul


Tired of typing all day? Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh soil. The next time you go outside, buy some soil for cheap at a local store and get your hands dirty planting some flowers. The act of gardening brings you closer to the earth and brings peace to the mind. Many people report improvement in mood and clarity of mind after just a few session of gardening. When you take care of the earth, the earth takes care of you. This is a great form of creativity.

Start-up Costs: Inexpensive
$6.79 for a bag of potting soil
$3.39 for a hand trowel
$1.95 for a bag of Zinnia seeds

Painting Improves Depression
Painting is very relaxing


Ever thought about painting? You don’t have to be an artist to put paint on a canvas. After all, nobody has to see what you make other than you. Painting brings out your colorful creativity in ways that feel calming and soothing. Painters report more serenity and peace of mind compared with non-painters. If you have never painted in your life, that’s ok. We encourage you to be bold and buy a simple watercolor paint set at a local thrift store. All you need is a small brush, paint, paper, and water. Sit down today and paint something. You’ll surprise yourself and be glad you did.

Start-up Costs: Inexpensive
$4.95 for a simple watercolor set with brush

Making music improves mood
Take a moment to play an instrument

Making Music

Have no talent for music? No problem. If you can get your hands on any instrument sit down and play something. You don’t have to sound good, you just have to try to produce some notes. A piano is rather straightforward to get a sound out of. A flute is much harder. Many people prefer to try a guitar. Whatever you try, don’t be afraid to make music. Creativity is your friend. You don’t have to be the next Mozart for you to enjoy yourself. Pick up an instrument and play on it for 10 minutes every day. After a week you will develop a rhythm or song that you might impress yourself with. Music is meant for everyone to try. Don’t hold yourself back. Borrow a guitar, flute, piano, or any other instrument you can find if costs are too prohibitive. Remember, enjoy yourself!

Start-up Costs: Moderate to Expensive
$50.00 for a used guitar
$200.00 for a used upright piano

Making jewelry brings joy to you and others
Making jewelry using colorful beads

Arts and Crafts

For those of you out there looking for a relaxing activity, try making necklaces and bracelets out of simple beads and string. Or get more fancy and take a class making jewelry and really show off your new wear. Perhaps you have a hidden talent for making jewelry and will impress friends and strangers alike, turning a hobby into a small business. The possibilities for creativity are endless. People report that engaging in arts and crafts is clears the mind and is calming, providing a boost in esteem through creativity. There are numerous arts and crafts activities, something for everyone: glass work, ceramics, quilting, embroidery, rope-making, macrame, weaving, knitting, shoe making, flower crafts, leather work, bead work, basket weaving, crocheting, quilting, paper work, carpentry, stone carving, metal work, clock making, jewelry, silversmith, casting, blacksmith, and quilling.

Start-up Costs: Inexpensive
$2.95 for a bag of colored or wood beads
$1.60 for necklace string