Daily Habits that Help Overcome Depression

Ease your depression with natural self-help techniques
Lifestyle Modification Basics

Natural Therapies To Help Overcome Depression

Lifestyle Changes That Boost Your Mood You Can Do Alone

Achieving a positive mind is the goal of millions of people across the globe who struggle with depression. The good news is that several natural therapies exist that have proven helpful as adjuncts to therapy or medication to help fight depression. For some with minor depression, these natural therapies may be enough to avoid using antidepressants or psychotherapy. Self-help natural therapies that you can do alone include eating mood-boosting foods, engaging in controlled breathing, practicing mindfulness, exercising, using relaxation imagery, practicing progressive muscle relaxation, engaging in journal writing, and being creative. Some lifestyle changes can be made relatively quickly, while others require daily or weekly commitments to enjoy their benefits. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the NIH supports natural therapies for improving lives.

Quick Strategies

Eating Right

Eat These 5 Foods to Elevate Your Mind

Foods to Fight Depression
Foods that Improve Depression
For a quick change in mood, eat fresh fruit. Bananas are highly recommended for their source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and the boost in mood you will feel right away.
Controlled Breathing

Experience True Pranayama Control

Improve your mood through breathing exercises
Deep breathing eases tension
Breathing exercises not only channel your energy into harmonious patterns across the body, but also lower blood pressure, promote calm, and help reduce depression and anxiety.

Long-term Strategies


Mindfulness Meditation

Control your thoughts
Achieve enlightenment
Engaging in mindfulness is the key to overcoming stress and energy imbalance to achieve natural insight to see a better nature in ourselves and others. How do we practice mindfulness?

Move Your Body

Exercise lessens depressive moods
Exercise releases endorphins
Getting off the couch does wonders for your body. People who exercise regularly report better moods throughout the day with many health benefits. How can you get started exercising?
Relaxation Imagery

Imagine Calm

Guided imagery promotes a calm mind
Create a calm mind
Guided imagery uses the power of the mind to visualize peaceful and calming places to restore a center of control and stability. What are the steps to guided imagery?
Muscle Relaxation

Unwind Knots of Tension

Improve your mood through relaxation
Relax your muscles in your chair
Depression can cause tension throughout the body. Progressive muscle relaxation helps to reverse stress on the body. Follow these tips to effective muscle relaxation.
Journal Writing

Write It All Out

Writing thoughts down improves daily life
Journaling enhances self-awareness
The act of writing down our most personal feelings releases inner tensions and allows us to take a step back and analyze our helpful and hurtful thoughts. Journaling is a natural therapy.
Being Creative

Play, Create, Build

Creativity improves mood and self esteem
Do something creative today
People who are creative on a regular basis notice an improvement in self esteem and mood. Dare yourself to change, to take one simple creative step today.