Depression Treatment at Bayside Marin

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Depression Treatment at Bayside Marin

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About Bayside Marin

Providing exemplary addiction and dual diagnosis treatment for adults in beautiful San Francisco, California, Bayside Marin offers superior care in a setting that embodies tranquility. This center features world-class treatment that utilizes evidence-based therapeutic interventions and treatment methods that have improved the lives of countless individuals by allowing them to truly recover and heal from addictions and mental health concerns. Bayside Marin is licensed to operate 24 beds and features 24-hour nursing staff that is supervised by a board certified physician. Cornerstone to the care supplied by this renowned center is the highly individualized treatment planning that takes into account the various needs of the men and women served. This unique facet, coupled with the unparalleled dedication by the staff, is what makes Bayside Marin the treatment leader it has become.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

A common mental health condition that is known to affect many men and women is depression. Characterized by ongoing feelings on sadness, hopelessness, and helplessness, this disorder can impact a person’s ability to function in a healthy manner. When an individual is in the throes of a depressive episode, it is possible for that person to experience sleep disturbances, appetite changes, and appear tearful to others. Furthermore, those battling depression may also have difficultly performing at work, neglect responsibilities at home, or experience increased conflict within interpersonal relationships. To cope with depression symptoms, it is not uncommon for a person to begin using or abusing substances as a means of escaping his or her emotional pain. When this method of unhealthy coping emerges, an individual can be at risk for developing an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, thus triggering the onslaught of new concerns and potential difficulties. When the symptoms of depression become apparent, and especially if a person develops a substance abuse problem, seeking treatment can be one of the best decisions an individual can make for him or herself.

Treatment Options at Bayside Marin

In order to truly be a comprehensive treatment provider, Bayside Marin offers a range of care levels in order to meet the needs of the men and women who come to this center for treatment. Detox services, often the first line of defense for patients prior to beginning recovery treatment at Bayside Marin, are supervised by qualified medical professionals. Following detox, or if these services are not needed, this center offers residential treatment that includes various treatment methods and modalities. Qualified addiction and mental health professionals are on hand 24 hours per day to offer support and guidance as the therapeutic process is navigated while in residential care. Bayside Marin also offers intensive outpatient programing, traditional outpatient services, and invaluable, year-long, free follow-up services. These innovative treatment options and services are available and designed to fully support patients in order to help men and women solidify their recovery so that healed lives can achieved and lived to the fullest.


Sliding Scale: No

Accepted Insurance Plans:
BlueCross and BlueShield
Health Net
United Healthcare
Out of Network

Programs and Services

Treatment Programs:
Detox Program
Residential Inpatient
Dual Diagnosis
Out / Inpatient:
Intensive Outpatient Program
Short Term (less than 30 Days) Residential
Depression Treatment at Bayside Marin
718 4th St
San Rafael, California 94901

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Bipolar Disorder

Issues Covered

Alcohol Abuse
Chronic Pain
Drug Abuse
Medication Management
Trauma and PTSD
Anger Management
Borderline Personality
Coping Skills
Medical Detox
Substance Abuse
Mental Health
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Thinking Disorders

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