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Depression Blog Guest Writers

Ian Knabel


He is an Ambassador and speaker for Beyondblue, the major outreach organization for depression and anxiety in Australia. He also manages Queensland Mental Health. As a depression blogger, Ian wants to eliminate the stigma around mental health. We are very pleased to have him join our Guest Bloggers.

Jenny Zhang, M.D. Ph.D.


With a PhD in neuroscience, Dr. Zhang enjoys writing about human nature and the mind. She brings to the Network a wealth of knowledge about how the brain works. She maintains several key leadership roles here at The Network.

Heather McQueen


Heather takes us deep into her own life experiences. She contributes regularly to the blog Bigger than my Body. We are very pleased to have her as the newest Guest Blogger for The Network.

Tiffany Leung


Tiffany Leung is the founder of Corimus Counseling in Hong Kong. She has a gift for discussing the philosophical nature of mental health. She is a talented writer on counseling, inspirational thinking and life empowerment. We are very pleased to have her as a Guest Blogger for The Network.

Mohiuddin Ahmed Ph.D.


Dr. Ahmed pioneered a model of psychotherapy called Mind Stimulation Therapy. He is the creator of the psychology portal Psychologymentalhealth. We are very pleased to have him as a Guest Blogger for The Network.

Sakshi Raina


Sakshi Raina is a perfectly imperfect person who is comfortable in her own skin. An engineer in progress, writing is her escape from reality. She is in love with books, coffee and you would generally find her spending time in nature. She blogs at Capturing Sunshine and rants on Twitter. We are very pleased she is a Guest Blogger for The Network.

Scott Brand


Scott Brand works in the outreach department of Inspirations for Youth, one the nation’s leading Teen Adolescent Addiction Treatment Centers. He spends his time talking to the teens about their inspirational stories of recovery. He also performs the same duties for the Cove Center of Recovery, the adult treatment center counterpart. We are very pleased to have him as a Guest Blogger for The Network.

Zsanett Turbuk


Zsanett Turbuk resides in Manchester, England. She enjoys her family and hobbies, and is a depression survivor.
She hopes to inspire others through her personal stories of joy, sadness, and lessons learned. We are very pleased to have her as a Guest Blogger for The Network.

Rain Gill


Rain Gill is just a “normal” girl living with Depression. Rain shares her experiences with the world in the hopes of educating, normalizing, reducing isolation, and challenging stigma. Check out Rain’s Blog, Depression Ever After We are very pleased to have her as a Guest Blogger for The Network.

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This depression blog looks at various topics that stimulate the mind and enhance our understanding of life in general. We discuss everything from depression treatment, current news, art and books, foods that boost mood, and interesting facts and opinions related to depression. The depression blog is really all about giving you the best blogging experience about depression possible. We are interested in featuring guest bloggers who have a gift for writing and who come from a place of experience. The Depression Health Network depends on the talents of others, and we are opening the door to guest writers. The best inspiration is from real and honest people like you sharing your thoughts with others. The opinions and ideas expressed in this depression blog represent the ideas of its authors and writers, and do not represent the ideas or opinions of the Depression Health Network or Our depression blog is designed for you, the audience. We hope to inspire and improve your outlook on life. If there is a topic that you would like covered, then please write to us using our Contact Form found here.

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